Tiny House Facination

by Kathryn

I am fascinated by tiny houses and I keep trying to convince my husband to move our family of five into a Tumbleweed home.

This summer we had the opportunity to stay in a 20 foot yurt while Edward did some work for a client.  Even though the yurt was small and there were five of us it felt roomy because of the high ceiling with a window and the windows on all sides.  I loved having windows on each side and in the ceiling and being able to watch the sun and the moon cross the sky even while inside.

I believe a Tumbleweed home would feel more crowded for us then a yurt because they tend to have a cozy feel instead of a wide open feel.   We examined the way the yurt was built and committed it to memory.  It is something we would be able to construct ourselves, and we plan to make one.

Even though we live in a “small” house of only 880 square feet we only use a fraction of it and the rest is for holding stuff that we only keep really because the house feels too empty without it. It was pretty amazing to be able to stay in a space that was the right size for our needs

I’m so thankful to experience what I’ve been thinking about for so long, and realize that it is truly something that I want to do, and something my family is open to as well.