Minimalist Gardening

by Kathryn

I enjoy gardening but I also enjoy living simply without a lot of clutter.  I have found that a few tools have been indispensable in the garden and that I don’t need a lot to plant good food at home. Here are the tools I like to have on hand:


I use my shovel for preparing beds, planting trees shoveling snow, turning my compost, spreading compost, and cleaning up after the chickens, goats and dog.  I wouldn’t know what to do without it!


I have a leaf rake and in the fall I use it for leaves, but during the rest of the year I use to for spreading straw in the animal pen and for spreading mulch around the garden.

Pruning Shears

I use these for trimming trees and bushes, taking plant clippings and breaking up larger sticks to go in the compost.

Five Gallon Buckets

I find buckets to be the most versatile tool.  I plant in them and have a vermiculture bin in them. They also carry soil, weeds, mulches, compost, and water and can go anywhere unlike the wheelbarrow I used to have.


And of course garden hoses are wonderful tools. I didn’t have enough this year and did a lot of watering with a bucket.  Having garden hoses for watering really saves your back and makes it go much faster!

It doesn’t take many tools to get started with a successful garden and because these are almost constantly in use, I don’t feel bad about adding them into my possessions.